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How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

Posted on November 2, 2016 in Survival Tips by


Only the paranoid survive. – Andrew S. Grove

You do not have to believe in zombies to be prepared to survive. You just have to be sufficiently paranoid to hone your survival skills. Whether a zombie apocalypse comes to pass or not, you really have nothing to lose by preparing yourself. The readiness and instinct to survive that you have honed may even prove handy in times of emergencies or natural disasters.

Keep an open mind and prepare for the worst

If you are not into zombie movies or books, now is a good time to start catching up. There are many good quality zombie movies you can watch not to mention the popular TV show the Walking Dead. Many of the best zombie-related films and TV shows can give you ideas or insights on what to expect if walkers start to exist in our world. Remember to keep an open mind as you get through the amount of materials you can learn from.

Stay in the know

The last thing you want when a zombie apocalypse occurs is to have no idea of what is already happening out there. Stay in the know by checking online news, social media sites, and tuning in to the radio.

Know where to get your supplies

Ideally, you should have a stash of supplies specifically for emergencies. Your supplies should include food, water, first-aid kit, flashlight, and all the essentials that will keep you fed, safe, and warm – if needed, for at least three days. You can take this level of preparedness up a notch or two by knowing where to get all the supplies you will need should walkers suddenly begin invading your area.

Stay in familiar territory

Your first instinct upon seeing zombies walking around in your area would probably be to get as far away as possible. You may even think that going anywhere is better than staying stuck with a horde of the undead around you. But you may want to resist the knee-jerk reaction to immediately flee without a solid information and plan. Unless you have somewhere really safer to go, you might as well stick around in familiar territory.

When it comes to finding supplies, don’t follow the crowd

Following the crowd in a zombie apocalypse scenario may not be the wisest thing to do sometimes. One of the times you may have to do that is when you are fleeing to safer ground and with people responsible for crowd control. But if you are foraging for food or looking for supplies, you may want to avoid places where people go. With fear and panic close to the surface, there is always a risk of violence especially when everyone tries to get their hands on a limited supply of food and other necessities.

Zombiefied-Fresh Juice Bars Near Zombie Hut

Posted on April 21, 2017 in Zombified by


Since the zombie apocalypse is yet to come, let’s take a close look on Brooklyn, New York’s Zombie Hut and zombified-fresh juice bars nearby.

The Perfect Hangout For Both Zombies and Zombie Lovers

Located in Smith Street, Brooklyn, Zombie Hut is best known for its Frozen Zombie special and flaming scorpion bowls – with great kickstarter booze additions. It’s also known for its tiki island-style décor, music from the ’80s and ’90s, back room fireplace, and fun board games. Moreover, it offers a variety of booze drinks like cocktails and margaritas and non-booze drinks like fruit smoothies.


Zombiefied-Fresh Juice Bar Nearby #1: BHealthy.Buzz

“When you hear buzz around the beehive, you know they’re making honey in there.”

Located in State Street, Brooklyn, BHealthy.Buzz is best known for its fresh juices, refreshing smoothies, and supplements. It was founded in 2016, along with roots tracing back to the 1930’s. Formerly known as Stur-Dee Health, this juice bar was founded with its owners’ vision for those who are struggling to achieve good health. It was also founded with their philosophy on life balance, further encouraging others to “BHealthy.”

Their menu includes a variety of fresh vegetable juices and healthy non-dairy shakes – with each of the first one coming with its own medicinal benefits for either preventing or curing allergies, anemia, arthritis, hypertension, diabetes, influenza, and more; and with some of the last one helping people to manage their weight and to cleanse their body.

Create your own variety of fresh vegetable juices and healthy non-dairy shakes before the zombies arrive to take over the world with juicers or blenders like those seen in http://juicerkings.com/best-blenders-for-green-smoothies/!

Zombiefied-Fresh Juice Bar Nearby #2: Stoop Juice

“Authentic, healthy, and sustainable – the future of juice bars.”

Located in 7th Avenue, Brooklyn, Stoop Juice is best known for its fresh juices, refreshing smoothies, acai bowls, and ice creams – all of which are organic. It was founded in 2012, family-owned and family-run by the Francos. It was founded with Jose Franco’s realization upon going for a walk 20 days after his first juice cleansing. 100 days later, he lost 70 pounds and became a raw vegan.

Their menu includes a variety of fresh juices, each of which has its own medicinal benefit like being an antioxidant and a detox; refreshing smoothies, each of which has its own special fruit content like pomegranates and blueberries; acai bowls, where you can add in free peanut butter; and ice creams, each of which comes with gluten-free sugar cones.

Do you know any other zombified-fresh juice bars near Zombie Hut? Let us know in the comments section below!

Fight Against Zombies With These

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Worrying about how you’re going to survive, just in case the zombie apocalypse happens sooner than later?

Well, you can survive by fighting against zombies with these:

  • Chainsaw – Remember Leatherface form The Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Yeah, that’s him. Real scary and one that you must truly steer clear off. But you know what? Zombies are scarier. They come in hordes and they slowly eat you alive, unlike Leatherface who can show you mercy by killing you right away. So, why not go all-Leatherface instead of running away from them? Power up that chainsaw and cut their heads off. While at it, raise your chainsaw in the air as you continue doing it. Yeah, that’s more like it! Show ’em who’s boss!

Looking for other types of saws? Check out some of the best wood routers on the market in 2017.

  • Hammer – Hammers are not just used for putting things back together as one with a nail or nails. It can also be used to smash the heads of zombies who dare come near you. Even more so, you can make it like you’re just playing a hammer game in an arcade. 50 points if you smash zombie heads for 3 consecutive times, and so on, and so forth. You can even make it like you’re just playing drum – and of course, using the zombie heads as your drum set. Complete this role-playing act while singing The Cranberries’ Zombie.
  • Sword – Ah, this reminds me of Michonne from The Walking Dead. That katana-wielding chick is just so awesome when it comes to killing zombies for good – putting them right back where they truly belong, dead on the ground. And oh, who could ever forget Kenshin Himura from Rurouni Kenshin or even Kirigaya Kazuto (a.k.a. Kirito) and Asuna from Sword Art Online? So yeah, you can kill zombies for good based on these popular characters and how they use the swords to fight off their enemies. Just make sure to strike the zombies’ head.

BONUS: Nokia 3310 – I know, it’s funny. But if you’ll notice, this (way) earlier version of a cellphone is believed to be one heck of a weapon in case a zombie apocalypse really happens. You see, Nokia 3310 currently known to smash tiles or anything it lands on – just like a hammer does – without breaking itself. In short, it’s highly durable. However, it’s yet to be seen when a zombie apocalypse really happens. Until then, we should all prepare for this would-be scarier than Leatherface, yet epic event wherein people are free to smash heads without feeling guilty about it.


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