5 of the Best Cities to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

Source: CareerBuilder

Boston, Massachusetts
Defense: 13.69
Containment: 11.05
Cure: 20
Food: 3.59
Total Score: 48.33

Kansas City, Missouri
Kansas City
Defense: 23.38
Containment: 10.02
Cure: 4.53
Food: 3.10
Total Score: 41.03

Salt Lake City, Utah
Salt Lake City
Defense: 8.29
Containment: 18.61
Cure: 10.49
Food: 3.62
Total Score: 41.01

Baltimore, Maryland
Defense: 17.55
Containment: 7.68
Cure: 11.56
Food: 2.79
Total Score: 39.58

San Diego, California
San Diego
Defense: 16.44
Containment: 9.89
Cure: 11.69
Food: 1.41
Total Score: 39.43


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