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train to busan

Let’s face it. The idea of a zombie apocalypse happening soon can be quite scary.

But you know what’s scarier? It’s the idea of a zombie apocalypse unmasking people for who they really are.

You see, being in a zombie apocalypse is not like going to bachelorette parties hardcore, pretending in everything with those on board the venue. It’s more like going to alcoholic meetings hardcore, revealing everything with those on board the venue.

And that’s why 2016’s Korean box-office hit Busanhaeng (a.k.a. Train to Busan) captured the hearts of people…

Now, let’s take a closer look on what Busanhaeng teaches us:

The Real Meaning Of Family

Main character Seok Woo (portrayed by Gong Yoo from the highly acclaimed Korean drama, Guardian: The Great and Lonely God) was a divorcee, as well as a workaholic and father to Soo An. As divorce themes pretty much goes, Soo An is still having trouble coming to terms with her parents’ divorce – making her a bit aloof with Seok Woo. But thankfully, she was able to convince Seok Woo to go with her to Busan – for her birthday, in order to see her mother.

A zombie outbreak later ensued on the very train both were in. But thankfully again, we finally got to understand Seok Woo for who he really is: a caring and protective father to Soo An. This was further cemented by the movie’s ending scene, where Seok Woo gave up his life to prevent Soo An from getting bitten by a zombie – the one responsible for every conflict between the survivors.

BONUS: There are still good people in this world.

Daddy-to-be Sang Hwa was initially a little bit of a villain, hurting the first impressions between him and Seok Woo in the first part of the movie. But as the story progresses, we got to see how much of a good-hearted individual he really is when he helped both Seok Woo and Soo An escape from the zombies at the train station, despite having a pregnant wife to look out for and despite having a bad impression on Seok Woo – going as far as collaborating with the latter after being separated with the others in the second part of the movie.

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